Husband: Amos HADLEY
Born: 09 JUL 1802 in Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA
Married: 03 JUL 1823 in Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA
Died: 02 OCT 1882 in Lyme, Grafton, New Hampshire
Father: Moses HADLEY
Mother: Mary "Molly" MARTIN
Wife: Mehitable BRIGGS
Born: 04 AUG 1800 in Orange, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA
Died: 28 AUG 1875 in Dorchester, Grafton, New Hampshire
Father: Benjamin BRIGGS
Mother: Abigail AMES
01 (F): Eliza Ann HADLEY
Born: 07 JAN 1824 in Orange, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA
Died: 15 JAN 1889 in Lyme, NH
Spouses: Henry W. PRATT
02 (F): Susann (Susann) Brewster HADLEY
Born: 19 JUL 1825 in Orange, Grafton County, NH
Died: 05 DEC 1875
Spouses: Charles P. BRIDGEMAN
03 (M): Azro B. HADLEY
Born: 30 NOV 1826 in Orange, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA
Died: 28 JAN 1875 in Prob. Penbroke, NH
Spouses: Lucinda BRIDGEMAN
04 (F): Achsah F. HADLEY
Born: 10 OCT 1828 in Orange, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA
Died: 28 SEP 1895 in Hooksett, Merrimack, New Hampshire, USA
Spouses: Abraham L. PARKER
05 (M): Amos HADLEY, (Jr.)
Born: 25 JUN 1830 in Orange, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA
Died: 21 FEB 1831 in Orange, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA
06 (F): Margaret B. HADLEY
Born: 17 JUN 1832 in Canaan, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA
Died: 12 APR 1860
Spouses: Charles BROCKWAY
07 (F): Jane M. HADLEY
Born: 01 AUG 1835 in Groton, Grafton, New Hampshire, USA
Died: 30 APR 1856
Spouses: George W. STRATTTON
08 (M): Avery B. HADLEY
Born: 19 APR 1837 in Dorchester, Grafton, New Hampshire
Died: 25 MAR 1876 in Haverhill, NH
09 (M): Elias H. HADLEY
Born: 28 SEP 1839 in Dorchester, Grafton, New Hampshire
Died: 14 JUN 1863 in Port Hudson, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana
10 (M): Charles HADLEY
Born: 13 JUN 1842 in Dorchester, Grafton, New Hampshire
Died: 05 SEP 1863
11 (F): Harriet A. HADLEY
Born: 29 NOV 1843 in Dorchester, Grafton, New Hampshire
Died: 09 JUN 1864
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Amos taught school in many towns in the vicinity of Canaan. He was certified by Pres. Lord of Dartmouth College, who was a Dorchester, NH man. Amos lived in Manchester, NH for 25 years, where he was a policeman for 11 years. In 1865 he settled on a farm in Dorchester, NH. He moved to Lyme, NH in 1879 where is died. He is buried in Dorchester, NH cemetery near the Hadley and Bridgeman homes. His birth is listed in the Town of Cannan, NH records. History of Goffstown Vol 2 p. 317 states he died in Lyme.
He is listed in the 1880 US Census as being a widower, living alone in Lyme, Grafton County, NH. His death certificate indicates he died of "Apoplexy" and that he was a widower at the time of his death and that his occupation was that of a farmer.

His wife Mehitable, in her application for finincial assistance to the US Goverment, dated 16 May 1870, states, because of the death of her son, Elias, who was killed in action at Port Hudson, Louisiana on 14 June 1863 and because her husband (Amos) "still survives and has been unable to support her for the last eight yeas by reason of impared mental facilities and premature old age".

Mehitable BRIGGS:


She seems to have the nick name "Hittie

(05) Amos HADLEY, (Jr.):


Both his birth and death date is recorded in the Town of Orange, NH records pg 531. Records supplied by Kingston Hadley ca. 1930 indicate the Vital Statatistics from Concord, NH indicate Amos was born Feb. 21, 1831 which disagree with the Town of Orange, NH records. His death record does not included "Jr" as part of his name.

(08) Avery B. HADLEY:


Avery was unmarried and resided in Providence, RI

(09) Elias H. HADLEY:

Buried: Port Hudson, Louisiana; Unmarked Grve


He enlisted in the Civil War on Sept. 06, 1862 at the age of 22

Elias was shot while on picket duty at Port Hudson, LA. on June 13, 1863 and he died the following day on June 14th 1863. He is buried in an unknown grave at the Port Hudson National Cemetery, Port Hudson, LA. He served in the 15th NH Infantry Regiment Vol. Co. F. There is an account of his injury and surgical amputation of his shoulder in the book "Among The Cotton Thieves" by Edward Bacon reprinted by The Everett company, Bossier City, LA. Some of the accounts of his horrible death is found on Pages 167, 168 in that book. He is the 1st cousin 3 times removed to the writer of this dialogue, James Robert Hadley . The NH military records indicate that Elias enlisted in the military at Dorchester, NH on Sept. 6, 1862 as a Private. Civil war records indicate he enlisted on Oct. 15th 1862.
He was unmarried and without child.

The following is from the book Among The Cotton Thieves by Edward Bacon

?"I am mounted again, waiting beside the open hospital building for Dr. Mottram, who has been called upon by his enemy, Dr. Sanger, the division surgeon, to stay here and help in an extraordinary case now in hand. And what a sight is before me. There is the dim flicker of lights in the midst of surgeons, with their young assistants, crowded around a rough bench, on which lies the subject,( Elias H. Hadley,) a nobly-formed young volunteer of the Fifteenth New Hampshire. Chloroform has been used in vain. He is crying, in an agonized, despairing voice, "Oh kill me, kill me, do kill me " I see his large, manly breast, heaving with agony, as he lies on his back, held by some of the young doctors, who have their eyes set upon the hands of older doc┬Čtors, at work now with probe, now with knife and saw, and now with other frightfully appearing instruments of torture. The young man has been shot in the shoulder, and the doctors are digging out his arm for experiment. Some one of them says aloud, " There is not much chance for him " The glimmer of candles flickering in the night breeze, dimly showing the naked form of the writhing victim, and the hard faces of the) surgeons, with their bloody hands and saws, the darkness hanging over us like a pall, the stars sparkling in the vault of heaven?the same stars beheld by our friends at home, far away, and by our enemies in the beleaguered fort before us?all together make a tableau not to be forgotten. I am glad to find myself at last riding away from the horrid odors and sights of that hospital. The voices of myriads of insects of every kind and size, and the occasional boom of a cannon, ?with straggling shots from sharp-shooters, are not enough to drive from my ears the groans and cries of the poor New Hampshire soldier, dying in the hands of his tormentors as we left".

(11) Harriet A. HADLEY:


Hattie was unmarried and this appears to be her nick name

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